Designing for your Clients

As a web designer who likes to experiment with the latest web technologies and concepts, it can be frustrating when you are faced with certain restrictions imposed on you by a client. I am always excited at the thought of being able to use new ideas and code. But it can feel like you’re being stifled when you’re told (for example) that you have to design for a specific screen size or support IE6.

The thing to remember is that your client is the one who you are designing for. They don’t care if you have the HTML5 spec memorized. They care about getting the website they want. Your job as a web designer is to design/build that website.

Sometimes you’ll get a client that will give you carte blanche and will be happy with whatever you build. Then there will be other times where you will get a client that will micro-manage every design choice and nitpick pixels. Obviously, we all hope for the former.

No matter what kind of client you have, your focus should be on delivering a website that they will be happy with. As you build your reputation as a reliable web designer, your ability to influence and guide clients will grow. This will then translate into more opportunities for to spread your wings and provide more input and direction into your clients’ websites.

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