Moving to Netlify and Bare-bones HTML

I keep saying that I'm going to update my website. I think I had planned to start in the summer of 2019. Here we are in the second month of 2020 and I have yet to fulfill that plan.

A few things have "blocked" (and I use that term in quotes because it's more of an excuse) me from moving forward: I haven't really figured out what kind of design I want and I don't really know what I want the website to be. Nonetheless, I've decided to start on something.

Over the past few weeks, I've begun to look at other mediums for inspiration, in particular, magazine design. There's some pretty cool stuff that we can now draw inspiration from and produce similar designs on the web thanks to CSS Grid.

I'm not sure exactly what I want to build yet but I figured I would to rip everything out and start from scratch. In what is probably an ill-advised move because it's a little more difficult to blog if you're hand-crafting the HTML yourself, I've moved away from a CMS and have a simple static HTML website. I don't really need much in the way of hosting so I'm trying out Netlify since I've heard good things about it.

So here we go. I'm starting with nothing but HTML, a single embedded SVG for my logo, and some images for one of my blog posts. Hopefully it will lead to some fun experimentation.

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