Shaun Rashid
Web Developer

Taking the Cloud for Granted

As part of my "scrap everything and start basic" strategy for updating my website, I have not yet chosen any sort of cloud-based version control system. Given recent ethical conflicts I have with both Github and Gitlab, I haven't uploaded my source code anywhere online. This won't last. I'll eventually choose something but for now, I'm relying on my backup drive to save me.

In this interim phase however, I have definitely noticed the absence of cloud-based repository when it comes to the workflow of updating my site. I'm no longer able to just access my source code from anywhere and make changes as easily without essentially forking my code on different computers. If I think of something during the day to write about, I either have to remember the idea until I get to my main computer (the Mac Mini I'm writing this post on) or take notes (handwritten or digitally on another device) before writing the post later.

I don't think this is either a good or a bad thing. It simply highlights a change in workflow with regards to my personal/side projects. In the past, this "offline" workflow was normal for projects not related to my job but today, it feels strange not to be pushing changes up to a remote repository.

Having my code offline does restrict when I am able to make changes to my website and forces me to set time aside for digital work and provide some boundaries. That might actually be a good thing.

Maybe I shouldn't worry about a remote repository after all...?

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